Whatever their age, children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. It’s their little space to be themselves and, as it’s used for sleeping, playing and working, it needs to be comfortable as well as reflect their personality. It’s also essential that the space is practical to ensure that it works well for all the activities that take place there. This blog will give you some tips and ideas for re-designing your child’s bedroom to make sure you get it spot on for the little human in your life.

Storage is Key:
kids bedrooms cardiff italian bedroom design

The key to a successful children’s bedroom design is plenty of clever storage. It needs to be practical, accessible and easy to use, so that everything has a place and even very young children know where their belongings go. Encourage your child to have an input into the colour scheme of their new room as, if they buy into the idea and have a say in how it’s arranged and looks from the start, they’re more likely to take pride in it and keep it tidy.

Space Saving Spare Beds:

colombini kids bedrooms cardiff italian bedroom design

Children get very excited about a sleepover with their friends (parents…not so much) so a pull out bed is ideal, especially if your child’s room is short on space. Tucked neatly away the majority of the time, it’s easily pulled out for an instant spare bed. To make life even easier and to save time, there’s enough room for it to be left made up with a pillow and duvet, perfect for those last minute sleepover requests!

Mid Sleepers:

cardiff designer bedrooms kids rooms

If floor space is limited (or just because they’re pretty cool) a ‘mid sleeper cabin bed’ is perfect for a children’s room…and who doesn’t like to go on the top bunk when they’re a kid?! The space under the bed can be utilised as storage or fitted with a desk, seating or cupboard space. There’s even bedroom ranges that have storage in the steps that lead up to the bed for cleverly hiding away toys and games.

Storage Under the Bed:

childrens bedrooms cardiff colombini italian design

Beds with drawers underneath are a brilliant use of otherwise wasted space. In a kids’ room they’re great for toy or book storage and spare bedding. You can also buy beds that have open shelving underneath to put decorative baskets or boxes which is perfect for tweens as they start to experiment with injecting their personality into their own space.

Bunk Beds:
colombini italian bedrooms childrens rooms cardiff

Bunk beds are a practical and fun solution to space limited bedrooms. They’re a winner with kids, whether you have two sharing a room or you aim to keep one bed empty to be used as a spare, whilst only taking up the room of a single bed.  The bottom bunk can be made into a day bed for day to day use, with lots of cushions to make it comfy for your children, friends and their favourite soft toys.

Teenager’s Bedroom:

teen bedrooms by colombini artisan interiors cardiffWhen choosing a scheme for your teen’s bedroom, bear in mind that a young teen’s tastes will change as they get towards their late teens. As you’ll no doubt want it to last right through their teenage years, it’s a good idea to opt for a light, neutral wall colour and update the look with accessories, shelving and bedding. These can then be changed easily as your adolescent matures into an adult.

Teen Girls:

girls teenage bedroom cardiff designer bedrooms by colombini

A good desk is essential as this will be the centre point of any teen girl’s life. It doubles up as a work space and dressing table so when the homework’s done, they can crack on with perfecting those eyebrows! A desk with drawers is good to store school books and stationery supplies as well as make-up and hair accessories. Choosing a white desk will suit any bedroom scheme so will last well. It can be accessorised with a colourful chair and mirror that can be changed as quickly as they change their mind on their favourite colour!

Teen Boys:

boys teenage bedroom cardiff designer bedrooms by colombini casa

Teenaged boys thrive on being shut away in their own space so it needs to suit their needs and not be too ‘Adrian Mole’. The industrial look is popular with teens but encourage them to add a touch of colour to give a little interest. As with all secondary school kids, a desk is essential for homework and study but, as gaming is probably the most important thing in your teenaged boy’s life, a gaming chair can be used for sitting at the desk as well as those countless hours on the console. A bean bag is also handy in a teenaged boy’s room as it can double up as a place for chilling out and for gaming with mates. 

There are loads of ways to make your children’s bedroom unique with the right furniture and design. They’ll thrive in a room that’s designed especially for them to suit their unique personality and plenty of storage for their toys and clothes will make you pretty happy too!

All bedrooms shown are by Colombini Casa available from Artisan Interiors Ltd, Cardiff.

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