Good storage in a bedroom is paramount as, if we’re really honest, we all have too many clothes (not to mention shoes, bags and all the other things we end up storing!) Built-in wardrobes will maximise the space that you have but, to get the most from your room, you need to plan the internal layout of your wardrobes as well as furniture for the rest of the room. This blog outlines the best ways to design the storage in your bedroom, however big or small it may be.

No Room for Monsters Under the Bed.

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No Room for Monsters Under the Bed – The space under your bed is wasted if it isn’t used as storage. Specific under-bed storage boxes and cases are available and are great to store out-of-season clothes but the boxes do tend to get dusty. These days, you don’t have to purchase a divan to get drawers under the bed, many modern bed frames now have the option of drawers underneath which is fantastic for dust-free storage of clothes or bedding. You can also buy ottoman beds where the whole base lifts up with storage inside, but the storage isn’t as easy to access so are better for storing items not used very often.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts.

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It’s What’s Inside that Counts – Full height fitted wardrobes are by far the best way to optimise the storage space in your bedroom. Rails for your clothes are essential for your clothes on hangers, but there’s also lots of specific storage available for other items in your wardrobe. Trouser rails are great as they take up less room than if they were hung individually and all your trousers are in one place and easy to find. Tie and belt racks, shoe storage and shelves for boxes or baskets also help with organisation as well as saving valuable space.  

Shelve that Idea.
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Shelve that Idea – Wall shelves are ideal for storing books, magazines and photos and, as they don’t take up any floor space, they’re perfect to create more storage in smaller rooms. Using box shelves adds a design element to the bedroom and look eye-catching if they’re in a contrasting colour to the wall finish. Using a number of different sized shelves grouped together on the same wall gives impact, but make sure you keep them tidy as everything will be on show. Open shelving will break up the run of wardrobes and gives you somewhere else to display your favourite items.

More than a Headboard.

More than a Headboard – Wooden headboards look sleek and contemporary but they’re also a really clever way to add some hidden storage whilst taking up very little space in your bedroom. Furniture with integrated bedside tables and a low headboard with a shelf along the top is perfect for extra storage for your bedtime reading and knick-knacks. A ‘box’ headboard is a hollow headboard with hidden shelves, accessible from the side. They’re perfect for small rooms with no space for bedside tables.

Drawers for your Drawers.
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Drawers for your Drawers – If you have fitted wardrobes you may not need any other furniture in your room but, if it’s all hanging space, most people need some drawers (for their drawers!) Bedroom furniture companies supply chests of drawers in a variety of sizes and number of drawers as well as different styles of bedside units. The size and shape of your room may limit your choice but, for optimum storage, bedside drawers are preferable over shelves, and a chest of drawer unit has more usable storage than a cupboard. Choose the largest unit you can comfortably fit into your bedroom to ensure you have plenty of storage for your jewellery, underwear and folded clothes.

When you’re planning your new bedroom, you probably ‘just want more storage’ but thinking about it more specifically will help your bedroom designer create a room that will suit you (and all your clothes) perfectly. There are loads of ways to create hidden storage in smaller rooms and making use of space that would normally be left empty is the best way to optimise what you have.