Your master bedroom is more than likely the biggest bedroom in the house so it should definitely be the best! The décor needs to relax you and ensure the time that you spend in the space recharges your batteries after a busy day (which is every day!). This blog will give you some ideas and, whether you want a complete overhaul or just some styling ideas, you’ll get the inspiration to start your bedroom project.

1. Make Bold Choices

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Make Bold Choices – You need to be true to your personal style when designing your master bedroom. It’s your space and isn’t seen by many other people so now’s the time to be selfish and a little adventurous. You may want to mix fun prints, use bold colours or make a statement with lighting. Whatever makes you happy when you enter the room is right for you. Be brave, be bold!

2. Mix Styles and Textures

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Mix Styles and Textures – Try mixing things up a bit in your main bedroom. If you have a traditional home with beams and low ceilings, balance the style with contemporary lighting, pops of colour and modern lacquered furniture. A modern white-washed brick wall also looks amazing when combined with shiny gloss furniture as the contrast in textures gives it a unique look.

3. Invest in a Headboard

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Invest in a Headboard – A fabric headboard is an extra opportunity to use colour without it taking up a huge amount of space. The bed is the focus of the room and a headboard will draw your eye to the bed so you need to make sure it’s worth looking at! Complement the colour of the headboard in your bedding and, if you want to change it further down the line it won’t cost a fortune, but will re-vamp the look of the whole room.

4. Let There be Light

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Let There be Light – Lighting has stepped up a gear in the bedroom and it’s all thanks to the humble LED. You’re now able to purchase bedroom furniture with integrated LEDs around the perimeter of the bed that give it a futuristic, floating appearance. Headboards, shelving and drawers can also be bought with integrated LEDs. To give your current room an instant boost, add some LED strips to your shelves and dressing table. The effect is ‘high-end hotel’ and it can really change the ambience of your master bedroom.  

5. Choose a Luxurious Floor Covering

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Choose a Luxurious Floor Covering – Your master bedroom deserves a luxurious floor covering. A plush carpet makes the whole space feel more opulent without being overly decorative. Imagine stepping out of bed onto a soft, fluffy carpet, it’s the epitome of luxury. If you have solid floor covering in the rest of the house and prefer to match it, consider a large rug to add some texture and give you the same luxurious feel as a carpet. 

Making your master bedroom your sanctuary will give you somewhere special to retreat at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if you prefer bright or muted colours, just make the space right for you…and whoever you want to share it with…if you want to share, of course!