Imagine checking-in to your very own hotel bedroom. Every. Single. Night. A room that rivals a 5 star hotel bedroom will become your retreat at the end of the day and, whether you prefer ultra-modern or traditional hotel rooms, this blog will help you style your bedroom and create a room you’ll want to spend all your time in. So, read on and get inspired to create the bedroom of your dreams.

1. Luxurious Bedroom

luxury bedroom cardiff german bedrooms

Luxurious Bedroom – Choosing a bold colour scheme such as aubergine or anthracite grey will create an opulent hotel-like feel to your bedroom and opting for walls, rugs or carpets in a rich shade will give an ultra-chic backdrop. Balance this with crisp white bedlinen, plump pillows and lots of faux-fur and satin cushions to add a luxurious high-end feel. Luxury hotel rooms have simple, chic furniture with high-gloss bedside cabinets, drawers and wardrobes. Choosing industrial-style lighting will continue the contemporary theme.

2. Calming Bedroom

calming hotel style bedroom cardiff bedrooms

Calming Bedroom – A calming, zen-like hotel bedroom needs a light, uncluttered, neutral palette so white walls and whitewashed floorboards are a must. Adding a modern four-poster bed will create a centerpiece to the room and white bedlinen with a hint of zesty green adds to the calming look. Accessorise with hints of green in the rug or lampshade to add a touch of nature, adding to the relaxing environment you’re creating.

3. Glamorous Bedroom

glamorous bedroom cardiff bedrooms blog

Glamorous Bedroom – For a glamorous hotel-style bedroom, think sparkle and shine. Opt for a gold and white or a silver and grey palette for the main colour scheme. Add a glass chandelier for a bit of bling and luxurious textures such as velvet curtains, silk cushions, padded headboard,  chenille rugs and mirrored surfaces. Add a large decorative bed to create a centerpiece and a feature wall with metallic or glittery wallpaper. This theme isn’t worth doing half-heartedly!

4. Urban Bedroom

Shine by Geha - Contemporary German Designer Bedrooms in Cardiff (7)

Urban Bedroom – Creating an urban hotel-style bedroom requires a monochrome palette with industrial-style accessories. A dramatic black wall can work if you choose pale flooring and accessories to lighten the look. LED strip lighting around the bed and furniture adds another dimension to this look. Soften the theme with an upholstered headboard and dress the bed with a grey or charcoal theme to give the look of a boutique hotel room.

5. Floral Bedroom

bedrooms cardiff hotel style bedroom blog

Floral Bedroom – If you love long weekends in the countryside, you may want to re-create a more traditional style hotel room with floral accents. A bold floral patterned wallpaper on the wall behind the head of the bed or floral curtains are a good starting point for this theme. Keep the carpets, flooring or rugs plain, as too many patterns will ruin the relaxing environment. A bed with an oversized cushioned headboard and a few floral accessories in the cushions and pictures, will complete the look.  

The majority of these themes can be created by the use of soft furnishings which can be easily changed if you want to alter the look. If you’re transforming your whole room, opt for good quality bedroom furniture that will out-live your theme and continue to function for many years down the line, acting as a backdrop for any hotel-style bedroom.